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About Millenson Mediation Services

Millenson Mediation Services, founded by Montgomery County community leader Barry Millenson will focus on consumer issues such as product liability, two party agreements and loan defaults as well as employee/employer conflicts, contract disputes and general business lawsuits that could possibly be settled through mediation.

A Texas State Mediator, Millenson offers extensive high-level industry experience combined with career-long conflict resolution skills. His background includes a successful 41-year career working professionally in the automobile industry and several years of involvement with non-profits.

Active in the community, Millenson currently sits on the TWUMC Advisory Board. Previously he was Co-Chair for the Woodlands PAC supporting the formation of The Woodlands Township, Past Chairman of the Board for The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Montgomery County. He also sat on the Boards of Montgomery County American Cancer Society, Greater Conroe Chamber of Commerce and Montgomery County Fair Association.

Barry Millenson

Barry Millenson

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a fast, economical, private way to resolve disputes and it is a process process which the parties involved and a trained, impartial mediator explore issues and generate options which lead to the creation of solutions which will work for all parties.

Mediators are trained and experienced in working through difficult situations and act as an independent, unbiased neutral facilitator supporting both parties equally throughout the process, with a goal to amicably resolve a dispute through the efforts of the parties.

The role of the mediator is to utilize patience, persuasion and people skills to facilitate the dialogue between the parties in order to reach settlement. The mediator does not have the authority to render a decision and the parties are not compelled to reach an agreement.

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Mediation focuses on planning the future, rather than concentrating on the past. Guilt and innocence are not decided. The goal is to develop a solution which meets the needs of all the participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens in Mediation? During the mediation process, each person is given an opportunity to describe the situation from their own point of view. Trained mediators then guide the discussion, defining issues, so that everyone is solving the same problem and developing creative solutions which best satisfy the needs of all parties. When agreement is reached, the mediator puts the agreement in writing and a signed copy is given to each person.

Why Mediation Works Reaching agreement is voluntary. Those involved in the dispute are committed to settling their differences. Also, the outcome is created by the disputants and people honor the agreements that they made.

Why Mediation Works
  • Business
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • Employment / Employee

Who Can Take Part? People can participate in mediation by referring themselves or by having a court order them to attend. Regardless of the referral source, the outcome of mediation always rests in the hands of the parties in the dispute. No solution is ever forced on the parties.

Is it Necessary to Have An Attorney? No, it is not necessary to have an attorney.

What Kinds of Issues Can Be Mediated? Types of issues mediated by Millenson Mediation Services range from business/consumer disputes to employee/employer conflicts, contract disputes and general business lawsuits that could possibly be settled through mediation.

When Should I Schedule A Mediation? You do not have to have filed a lawsuit in order to use mediation; you can schedule mediation before filling suit.